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It's a big job to be a homeschooling parent. WizardsSpell welcomes you and hopes you will find our site an extraordinary addition to your repertoire of homeschooling tools. We hope your children find it a fun, effective, and easy way to build their spelling skills.

A teacher writes on the keys to spelling success The prinicples which drove the development See our Comprehensive list of Features Sign on as a student, and try out your spelling skills Here, students practice and learn spelling. Sight, Hearing, and Touch are engaged, making learning to spell easier. You CAN create your own word lists or use any of our hundreds of lists. Reports tell you how much practice occurs and student problem areas. Online testing, and tips for homophones are provided. Students enjoy working independently AND on the computer.

We are offering Home Education Magazine subscribers an exclusive discount. Just enter the discount code: HEFTR1 when you subscribe.

Number of Users Monthly With Discount Code HEFTR1 or Annually With Discount Code HEFTR1
2: 1 Parent, 1 Student $10 $ 9.00 $110 $ 99.00
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5 to 8 $14 $ 12.60 $154 $138.60

REFUND POLICY: Refunds must be requested within the first 15 days of subscribing.

Annual subscription refunds are determined by taking the number of full months (rounded to the next month) multiplying by the monthly subscription rate, that value subtracted from the amount paid is the refund amount.

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