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    Healthy fast food eating tips
    Learn more about indulging in the healthy way
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Healthy fast food eating tips

Healthy fast food eating tips (3)

Learn more about indulging in the healthy way

Fast foods are sweet, affordable, convenient and able to fill you up for the day.

Fast foods are our best options when we do not have time to prepare a healthy meal.

The down side is that regular indulgence in fast foods will have a very negative effect on your overall health.

However, with this healthy fast food eating tips you shouldn’t worry about give in to your cravings.

Make use of the nutritional information provided

Healthy fast food eating tips (2)Information on how the meals have been made and what has been used will be made available either on the restraints menu or their website.

Use the nutrition information to make wise choices.

Do not just assume a dish is healthy based on its name, use the nutritional facts to decide.

Take note of the number of calories in the meal and avoid having meals with more than 500 calories.

The protein and fiber content should be more than the fat content in the food.

By looking at the ingredient’s list carefully, you can identify the foods with trans fats and avoid them.

Know how the food was prepared

Choose grilled rather than fried foods and meat.

Fried chicken for instance has more calories and fats than grilled chicken.

Studies show that fried chicken has an average of 80 more calories compared to the grilled one. Roasted meat is also better than breaded food items.

Backed is better too. Backed sandwiches or backed potatoes instead of deep fried ones will have you eating healthier.

Make a special order

Lean meat will be tasty and have fewer calories.

You may also want to order chicken without the skin, if you want your diet less unhealthy.

You can also have your sandwich made with whole grain bread. Have your meal with fruit slices on the side or better yet, you can bring them with you to the restraint.

Healthy fast food eating tips (1)Watch those toppings

Toppings such as tortilla and pecans will only add the fat, calories, sugar and sodium to your meal.

The sauce with mayonnaise and the bacons for toppings have a lot of saturated fats too.

Avoid adding cheese on your salad or a bad fat filled dressing. Choose vegetable toppings instead for your burger.

These could be tomatoes or some lettuce.

Vegetables are healthier and will have few calories.

Catsup, prickles and onions make the meal tastier without adding fats to your meal.

Avoid over indulging in fast foods

Try to keep your burgers and sandwiches small or medium. You do not have to finish everything at a go.

If it’s too big, have it divided by half with your friend or have it packed for you.

To help you eat less, take a drink of water, fresh squeezed fruit juice, fat free milk, unsweetened tea or diet soda. Alternatively, eat leisurely while enjoying a conversation with a friend as eating slow will have you eating less.

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