Best Tips for Business Starters


It seems like everyone wants the entrepreneurial dream. It’s becoming more and more common to start and run a business. This may be due to the lower barrier to entry, but also because there are so many glamorous versions of entrepreneurship that make the “hustle” seem exciting. However, you don’t need inspirational quotes to become an entrepreneur. In fact, you won’t know anything if you try to do it on your own. These tips for small businesses will help you get started and avoid mistakes.

Take It Seriously

tipsAs an entrepreneur, I’m going, to be frank, and direct. You are responsible for everything; you are responsible for sales, customer service, and marketing. You can’t depend on anyone, not family, friends, debt, or employees. There is a lot of talk on the internet about creating a business that allows you to pursue your passions and focus on your strengths. While I agree that being unhappy at work is wrong, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You can consider whether the job you love is better than the one you have in someone else’s company. Be open with yourself. It’s important to understand what you’re up against so that you start strong and don’t get discouraged when things go wrong.

Get a Lawyer

When I first started, I was surprised to realize how important it is for entrepreneurs in all phases of their business to have an attorney as part of their team. You don’t need just any lawyer. An attorney who understands you and your business is essential. Why not just use LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer? DON’T. There are many ways to expose yourself to liability that you don’t know exists. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law does not make it a defense. Many people are afraid to hire an attorney. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. You need an attorney if you are serious about starting a business or have started one. This is an essential requirement. A great lawyer can help you avoid potential problems and help you start a smarter, more profitable business.

Hire an Accountant

tipsWhile it’s great to work for someone and receive a W-2, once you start your own business, finances need to be at the forefront. A good accountant will be an integral part of your business team. Can you open a separate bank account for the business? Have you discussed setting up the business with your attorney and accountant? Do you know what tax deductions you are entitled to and how much you need to set aside? Are you aware of the risk of being audited? These questions can be answered by a good accountant who will help you succeed in the long run. Always re-evaluate your business and be open to change if you need to. You can create your own business if you want to. 

Find Business Partners

Owning a business can be very lonely. It’s important to network with other business owners who understand your expertise and can offer understanding and empathy. It’s important to have a network of supporters who can share your successes and help you with the less glamorous aspects. This community can be a great way to learn from others who have walked the path before you and share tips, tools, and tactics with people on your level. Don’t be afraid to learn about the competition in your market. To me, success is not a zero-sum game. No two companies or entrepreneurs are exactly alike. You might offer the same service, but your audience might be different. 

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